Global power & reach in sales and marketing

  • Ability to deliver the potential of existing and future products through the power and reach of a combined global sales and marketing resource
  • Widespread class coverage in key therapy areas, such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease, due to complementary nature of products
  • Major primary care presence, particularly in gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and respiratory medicine
  • Leading position in a number of specialist/hospital markets, including Hormonal products.

Stronger R&D platform for innovation-led growth

  • Substantial research and development (R&D) expenditure
  • Strong combined development pipeline
  • Potential for further strengthening of the pipeline by enhanced discovery and development capability through greater scale and focus on selected areas and technologies

Greater financial strategic flexibility

  • Financial strength and scale to give Syntex's management greater strategic flexibility to drive long-term earnings growth
  • Substantial operational efficiencies resulting in cost savings


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